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USB flash drive

  • Fresh Color USB Flash Drive OTG Type C

    2019-04-01 554 times

    We are proud to bring you the newest standard in USB technology, the USB Type-C connector, or USB-C. Our highly versatile, the Fresh Color USB flash drive sports a dual-sided design with a durable metal case, offering a large laser-engravable surface for your company logo. The dual USB connectors al…

  • Fresh Color USB Flash Drive

    2019-04-01 528 times

    Put lightning fast power in the hands of your existing and potential customers and clients with this handy customized USB flash drive. The Fresh Color USB flash drive is useful for carrying photos, audio files, documents and word processing files, and other types of files with your recipient whereve…

  • Micro Flip Card USB Flash Drive

    2019-04-01 607 times

    Finally, a customized flash drive that your prospects, customers, clients, and employees can carry with them in their wallets. This Micro Flip Card USB flash drive is just the thing for the busy executive or professional on the go, and it is bound to keep your company name on the lips of your custom…

  • Wooden USB Flash Drive

    2019-04-01 473 times

    Show your customers your classy, sophisticated side with the Wooden USB Flash Drive. This customized USB flash drive combines the earthy look of wood with the high-tech functionality of a working USB storage device that allows your contacts to take their files with them anywhere they roam. [metaslid…

  • Swivel Twist Key USB Flash Drive

    2019-03-26 421 times

    Put a new spin on your company's branding efforts with this Swivel customized flash drive that literally puts your company logo into the hands of potential and existing customers. This personalized flash drive is the most popular drive we sell for a reason - it has a simple capless design that is ea…

  • Generic Silver B8 Slim Key USB Flash Drive

    2019-03-26 477 times

    Metal, UDP 2.0 built in, Slim & smart for business.

  • Generic Silver CX Metal Slim Key USB Flash Drive

    2019-03-25 262 times

    Full metal unit-body, small and portable, perfect full protection.

  • Generic Silver Se9 USB Flash Drive

    2018-10-05 403 times

    Metal, UDP 2.0 built in, Slim for business.